Wastewater Treatment

Charter Oak performs treatability studies for process wastewater generated by manufacturing or other industrial operations.  The goals of these investigations are to improve wastewater quality, minimize waste generation and minimize water use.

These studies begin with evaluation of the industrial processes and chemistries, and consideration of alternatives that would reduce water consumption and waste generation.  Once this operational baseline is established, the wastewater is characterized by evaluating historical flow and water quality monitoring data, and by collecting and analyzing new samples for the parameters of concern.  The data is compared to the applicable regulatory limits, and future design considerations such as production and flow increases are established.  Using this information, a design basis for the proposed treatment system is developed.

The most feasible options for wastewater disposal are developed based on experience, information supplied by selected vendors and the literature.  These options are evaluated by bench scale testing that is conducted by the specific vendors or by an analytical laboratory with expertise in chemical treatment investigations.  The evaluations include the ability to improve quality of effluent, capital costs, operation and maintenance requirements and costs, and regulatory and permitting considerations.  Based on these evaluations the preferred option is recommended to our client in a summary report.