Storage Tank Management – UST/ AST Storage Tanks

Charter Oak has supervised and directed removal of numerous underground gasoline, oil and waste oil and diesel fuel tanks (USTs) ranging in capacity from 750 gallons to 4,000 gallons.  Removal of these tanks required detailed field documentation, confirmatory soil sampling to determine the presence or extent of releases to soil and ground water, monitoring of spill reporting to the Connecticut DEP, and coordination and correspondence with the DEP and municipal fire marshals.  Subsequent to the tank removal projects we have supervised installation of new USTs.

Where appropriate, Charter Oak employs the gas chromatography (GC) capabilities of a mobile laboratory to characterize contaminated soils in tank graves.  Immediate GC analysis of soils as they are being excavated allows them to be stockpiled according to the degree of contamination.  This procedure can allow for an efficient, relatively rapid process in which the soils are removed from a site and disposed of appropriately, without laboratory turn-around delays.

Charter Oak has prepared site-wide UST status reports and updated UST registration forms, and has maintained on-going correspondence regarding compliance status of existing USTs on industrial sites.

Charter Oak staff have experience providing contractor services to the Connecticut LUST group for designing bioremediation of gasoline constituents in ground water under a state highway.

Charter Oak also assists clients in seeking UST-related investigation and remediation expenses from the Connecticut UST fund.