RCRA Corrective Action

Mark Franson’s professional experience is deeply rooted in the RCRA program.  He began his career working for the State of Connecticut in the Hazardous Waste Management Program.  For the past fourteen years, that initial RCRA experience has been broadened by providing consulting services to industries on RCRA and site investigation/ remediation issues, including the following specific types of activities:

  • Performing RCRA facility investigations
  • Responding to RCRA corrective action orders and EPA 3013 Orders
  • Responding to RCRA 3008(h) orders
  • Participating in the EPA New England Region Voluntary RCRA Corrective Action Program
  • Preparing information used by EPA in completing the Environmental Indicators (EI) forms
  • Preparing, implementing and certifying RCRA closures
  • Preparing RCRA Part B post closure permit applications
  • Performing RCRA operating facility audits
  • Performing liability audits of off-site hazardous waste management facilities
  • Designing and implementing RCRA ground water monitoring programs
  • Designing and implementing a myriad of site investigation/ remediation programs

Charter Oak has specific, current RCRA corrective action experience in Connecticut, Colorado and Utah.  Charter Oak staff are experienced in pursuing final corrective action remedies, as well as, documenting “site stabilization” under the Environmental Indicators program.  Charter Oak is actively working on voluntary corrective action projects and an EPA 3013 order response in Connecticut.  From the Salt Lake City office, Charter Oak is managing an EPA 3008(h) order response in Colorado and a state program corrective action in Utah.