Charter Oak employs the latest in global information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis technology to manage its larger scale projects. On several projects, Charter Oak has developed integrated GIS and standalone software to manage large and/ or unique databases, information reports, and field data.  Charter Oak designs GIS models to be compatible with clients’ existing data as well as other geospatial data published by city, county, State, Federal, regulatory and other agencies.  GIS models and geospatial data may be provided to clients in a variety of standard PC formats including Adobe PDF and AutoCAD DXF as well as standard geospatial shapefiles and geodatabases.

In conjunction with GIS, Charter Oak is able to produce presentation quality, three-dimensional (3D) digital site models. Using digital elevation models (DEMs) and actual aerial images, the models permit realistic virtual site fly-overs and aerial /ground 3D scenes.  Models may be prepared to permit real-time navigation using a joystick or computer mouse.  Depending on the available source data, model accuracies exceeding 0.5 feet vertical and horizontal may be obtained.  Charter Oak is also experienced in obtaining historical geospatial data and outsourcing to obtain highly accurate DEMs and current aerial photographs for use in 3D models.   The models may be provided to clients in a variety of standard formats or may be provided with standalone viewers.  Charter Oak also has experience in preparing Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) models for distribution over the internet.