Explosives Remediation

Charter Oak currently serves in a project management and implementation capacity for two commercial explosives facilities undergoing RCRA Corrective Action.  These facilities are located in Utah and Colorado.  These projects have been conducted under both Federal EPA and State hazardous waste and water quality agencies. Charter Oak personnel have worked on these projects for more than eight years.  Through this experience Charter Oak has developed a unique knowledge base on the practical and theoretical issues regarding the investigation and remediation of explosives constituents in soil and ground water. Our collective experience includes:

  • Collecting and reviewing more than one-hundred historical and current research papers on the degradation and fate of explosives degradation products in the environment.  Through this effort, Charter Oak successfully negotiated with State and Federal agencies for a greatly limited list of analytes to be included in soil and ground water investigations.
  • Design, construction and operation of a 2600-gpm ground water pump and treat system for an aquifer impacted by RDX and other explosives constituents.
  • Design and implementation of large-scale investigations of explosives constituents in soil and ground water
  • Creation of an up-to-date knowledge base regarding the human and ecological toxicology of explosives including RDX, HMX, TNT, PYX, PETN, nitrate esters and other explosives constituents and their potential degradation products
  • Development of analytical methods for RDX and TNT degradation products and nitrate esters based on the best available scientific research.
  • Investigation, permitting, supervision and waste management pertaining to the thermal treatment and demolition of former explosives manufacturing buildings, sumps, pipelines and other production facilities.
  • Investigation and remediation of soils containing reactive levels explosives and waste disposal areas containing reactive commercial explosives products
  • Thorough analysis of the technologies available for the treatment of explosives in soil and ground water
  • Reconstruction of historical explosives production processes based on scientific literature and the knowledge of production workers and engineers
  • Permitting and RCRA closure of open-burn/open-detonation (OB/OD) units
  • Analysis of explosives in soil using commercial test kits

Charter Oak is in a unique position of being able to offer private, defense and other clients the most efficient and cost effective solutions to problems surrounding the investigation, risk-assessment, hazard evaluation and remediation of explosives in the environment.