Environmental Permitting

Charter Oak provides regulatory permitting services for environmental programs.  Some of the categories of permitting assistance offered are summarized below:

  • General permit registrations
  • NPDES discharges
  • Sewer discharges
  • Emergency and temporary authorizations
  • Storm water permits or registrations
  • RCRA Part B permits
  • New Source Review and Title V permits
  • Diversion permits
  • Army Corps of Engineers permits

Charter Oak recently assisted a soil stabilization company with preparation of an application for temporary authorization to treat over 5,000 tons of soils contaminated with lead and cadmium.  The DEP issued the authorization and, by this treatment process, Charter Oak’s client was able to stabilize soils such that they no longer exhibited a hazardous characteristic and could be handled as non-hazardous.

We have assisted our clients with obtaining permits to discharge treated process wastewater to surface waters.  In some cases these discharges were in highly visible and regulated areas.  Our staff recently performed an alternatives analysis and feasibility study for an industrial discharger located on a river in Connecticut.  Metal cleaning wastewater is treated and discharged to the river as authorized by an NPDES permit.  The discharge is in a highly visible recreational area, and the client wished to add a water quality polishing step to their treatment system.  Conceptual designs, regulatory analyses and cost estimates were prepared for various conventional designs, as well as for innovative configurations that included the use of an artificial wetland.