Environmental Law Litigation Support

Charter Oak provides litigation support services to clients and their attorneys.  Mark A. Franson, P.E., LEP has been qualified to testify as an expert in State of Connecticut courts and has provided courtroom testimony.   Refer to the Connecticut Superior Court case Holbrook v. Birken for an indication of the expert testimony that Mr. Franson provided on hazardous waste management matters.  Mr. Franson has also provided factual testimony in depositions.

In addition to depositions and courtroom testimony, Charter Oak staff have provided critical review of expert reports and performed technical research related to cases of environmental contamination.  Charter Oak has provided professional technical support to several clients and attorneys with regard to environmental litigation.   With Charter Oak’s state of the art graphical computer capabilities (such as GIS and site terrain modeling), several courtroom presentations have been prepared, enabling our clients to accurately depict crucial site details.  These services are on-going and references may be provided.